Jan 10, 2010

There's always Another Bus

On a cold rain night, I waited for the bus. I saw an old woman step down from the bus and then walked slowly into a shuttle bus. After a while she spoke to me "what a bad night? But I hope I don't have to wait for so long"
With a little curious, I asked about the bus which she was waiting. When she told it, I said "You've already step down from the bus that you waiting for?" and she told with a stammer and little shame "On that bus there was a handicapped youth. But no one offered him a seat. And I knew that he will be shame if an old lady like me stands up for him. Therefore I pretended it was the time to go, and I rang the bell when he was at the side of my chair. And he doesn't feel ashamed, and for me - there's always another bus"

Really inspired me

Jan 6, 2010

New Year's Resolution

I Wrote this from my PDA phone while waiting the new year's eve at hostel's cafe in Ujung Kulon. I don't know why I wrote this. It just flashed in my mind, this was my first time I wrote my own resolution for next year's goal.
well this is my resolution:
  1. I wanna get closer to God, pray more and be a devotion person.
  2. I will improve my English more to improve my communication skill.
  3. I hope I can find the right woman to take a life journey together and create a family.
  4. I should finish my master study in project management program (it a must!!).
  5. I should find a better job, at another company (sorry to my beloved boss, my recent job doesn't fulfill my expenses hehehehehe..)
  6. I should think more positive.. don't judge people or any circumstances just at one side view, I should being mature to think ( hey you already 26 at this year).
  7. I will take a rescue diver certification. (optional.. if I have spare money & before May 2010).
  8. I should repair my body, go to gym, reduce smoking, and eat some healthy food.
that's all folks.. I hope I can achieve that all goal within this year.. please God help me to realize all resolutions.. and to all my friends who read my blog, please support me to realize this resolution..

New YeaR's eve Trip to Ujung Kulon

This was my first time I spent & celebrated the new year's eve in the middle of nowhere far from city's frenzied. commonly I celebrated it just around Jakarta, but this time I celebrated with my new friends that I knew just by mailing list. I went to Ujung Kulon with my new friends, they were so nice and humble.
we met at the first time at Kampung Rambutan bus terminal. At 7.00 we went to serang by bus, we arrived at serang terminal at 9.00 and then we continued the journey to Sumur by "elf" bus. we arrived at Sumur at 10.30. the trip was very exhausted but fun.
In the afternoon we went to the Muara Baru beach to spent our day with took pictures all day long.

Second day we planned to went to Peucang island for registration to entry the conservation area and continued to cidaun. we planned start the trip at early morning, but due to bad weather we must pending our trip until noon. we started the trip by boat at 15.30 from Muara Baru. initially the weather was so bright, but at the end of trip near to Peucang island there were occurred bad storm, the current was so bad, and we thought it was our last time.. but thank to God, we luckily arrived to Peucang island safely. we arrived at 19.00 and need 3.5 hours to reached this island from Muara Baru. due the bad weather we finally stayed at this island for one night and not continued our trip to Cidaun.

At morning 8.00 we went to Cibom from Peucang island. actually Cibom was the first port that made by VOC after they arrived at Java island, but the port never been done because many of the workmen whom built this port became sick and die due the noxious vapor rising from newly worked ground. we built tent here and continued trip to Cirameya. the journey was so terrible (basically I don't like trekking) and unfortunately my feet palm punctured the Nut tree's thorn damn!!.. but the immolation was paid by the beautiful view of Cirameya beach.

after that we went back to Cibom to got lunch. after lunch all my friends took another trip to Tanjung Layar beach, but I stayed at Cibom cause I prefer to snorkling at Cibom beach. Unfortunately the wave was so bad so I just "leyeh-leyeh" at shelter while enjoyed the view (fyi.. Cibom have a shelter so we built the tent inside the shelter). nobody camped at Cibom that day, so it just like our own paradise.
the night at Cibom was so terrible, rain was flushed over the night, our tent leak and water seep into the tent. So I took my blanket and slept out side tent.
Sunday morning was the homecoming day. but the weather was bad like yesterday, so once again we must pending our trip to went home. from the itinerary we planned 9.00 departed from Cibom, but actually we went at 14.00 from Cibom to Muara Baru port. the weather was so clear but the wave & current not supported our boat to went faster. we arrived at Muara Baru 17.30 and continued dinner at Ainen Ewet restaurant, we also took a bath at this restaurant. the owner of this restaurant was so kind, and the recommended menu is "Pecel Cumi" you should try...
20.30 Sunday's night we went home.

another tips:
  • Don't go to Peucang at monsoon or "angin barat" period, the weather or wave are sooo bad.
  • Bring your own medicine, specially the Rechosin pill to prevent Malarial epidemic and "antimo" if you feel seasick.
  • Bring cash.. there are no ATM at sumur or Peucang.
  • Dont bring your cell phone.. its useless.. no signal around there.. (that's why you take a vacation.. isn't it?? to free your life from your routine activities include updating status at facebook or twitter)